Skin irritation (Single patch test)

Skin Irritation (single patch test)

by dermatologist

“Skin irritation test to assess the safety of cosmetic products.”

It can occur when the skin is exposed to substances or conditions that cause irritation, such as perfumes, alcohol, sulfates, or being in conditions that are too hot or too cold. or use cosmetics that contain ingredients that make the skin dry You will notice when using the product that you feel itchy, burning, red, dry, peeling.

When you remove your makeup, you will find that your symptoms improve. And symptoms do not occur every time you reuse cosmetics. It can occur on certain areas of the body.

Measurement: Back
Kinetics: T0, T+24 hours. and T+48 hours
- Non-irritated
- Dermatologically tested
- Clinically tested


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08 December 2023

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